Wilmington Police Recreation Association

WPRA was honored to provide Christmas bags for some of our elderly residents. The bags were handed out by members of WPD's Housing Unit & the Community Engagement Team.

Meet your 2022 C1 League Champions -

The Blue Liners! 

Email: info.wpranc@gmail.com

Our Santa Cop program was successful yet again in 2023, check out some photos of the officers and other police department employees who participated!

WPRA is proud to introduce their new recreational league hockey team, the Blue Liners!

They did it again!

Meet your 2022 Fall season C1 League Champions -

The Blue Liners!

Congratulations on back to back championships! 

From the team:

‚Äč"Back-to-back Championships, with more to come!  We appreciate the support of WPRA! This is the last "Wilmington Ice House" Championship as the rink changes ownership in the New Year."